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The Commonwealth Speakers Program has been closed by PHC.

We are leaving the details of our programs still available from Danza Antiqua and as legacy of our work.
Commonwealth Speakers Program

The humanities are about sharing powerful stories and exploring big ideas. The Commonwealth Speakers program offers humanities-based programming to nonprofit organizations across the Commonwealth. From sessions on African American storytelling, to Pennsylvania German hoe-downing, to researching family history, thousands of Pennsylvanians enjoy these free presentations each year. Through Commonwealth Speakers, members of public libraries, arts and cultural centers, state parks, senior centers, historical societies, etc. explore the ideas that shape the human experience.

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On May 5th, 2011, Nancy Walker and Jef Savage were recorded for TV broadcast by PCN-TV (Pennsylvania Cable Network-TV) when they presented their historical dance program. It is available via the Pennsylvania Humanities Council website on Youtube via the link below.

The program asks - what do social dances like the tango and the waltz have to teach us? Social dances spanning the Presidencies of James Buchanan to Teddy Roosevelt are featured along with reflections on the importance of dance and its social context in America. 

Best of Audience Member Feedback.........
       Loved it. Very well researched and explained. The crew was amazing. So well run! I look forward to the series broadcast in the fall.
      Was much more than I had expected. I learned so many things and it has inspired me to go out and dance! Thank you for such a wonderful evening.
      Loved it. Enjoyed it very much. Couldn’t believe my watch that 2½ hours went by. My four year old daughter liked it too. It kept her interest the entire time!
      Lovely informative program both in respect to the history and evolution of dance as well as how a live television program is put together.
      Loved, loved, loved it. The presenters were great — knowledgeable and informative. Thank you, I’m going to look for a dance instructor!!!
      Great program. I liked the combo of history and demonstration of dancing. Q&A segments were very interesting.

Click on the link below to access this program >>>>>>

May I Have The Pleasure of this Dance?


 “The Titanic: A Salute Through Dance 

2012 is the anniversary of the maiden voyage of the most famous ship the world has ever known. We know that all cross sections of society were represented on her passenger list. As such they would have been familiar with the dances and music of the time. To respond to the optimism that the ship represented for so many people, we want to salute the passengers and their dreams before the events that sank the “unsinkable” ship. The dances will be connected through the music, personalities and their stories. For example, we know that seven musicians played on to calm the situation and gained hero status, and that Margaret “Molly” Brown raised funds to help immigrant survivors, who had lost everything.  

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage, Nancy Walker and Jef Savage, dressed in period clothing, will perform social dances from the Titanic era. The presentation discusses the importance of dance in its cultural and social context and includes selected music, stories and personalities associated with the Titanic. The presentation also covers the origins of the dances, how they are reconstructed from period dance manuals, plus etiquette and dance fashions of the time. The format for this presentation is explanation, performance of the dances and audience interaction. A "mobile museum" of era related artifacts is on display to enjoy before or after the presentation.

As historians, and dance historians in particular, we immerse ourselves in the events surrounding the dance to place it in its social and cultural context. We track anniversaries of historical events and major personalities associated with them. We regularly research and reconstruct dances with their music, and present the dances in context. 

Thank You's.

June 11, 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting the program The Titanic : A Salute through Dance
  at the Haverford Township Free Library, (June 10, 2012). We were pleased at the turnout and heard positive feedback about the quality of the presentation from program participants.

We envision our library as a dynamic community hub for life-long learning, creativity, and culture. Public educational programs are a very important part of our vision and mission at the library and we are grateful to you for helping with this important work!

Christine Faris, Director & Mary Bear Shannon, Program and Grants Coordinator.

This presentation is still available.

Call for pricing for your location and to book this program.

Call Nancy or Jef on 717 377 3720 or 717 414 1166 to discuss this  program for your organization OR Click on the Contact Danza Antiqua link below. 

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