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Venue Requirements for Programs

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Venue Requirements for Programs

To provide the best possible experience to our audiences there are several requirements for the dance space:
The floor must be flat, non skid, ideally wood or vinyl surface. Surfaces that are hazardous and not suited to dance activities are, rough concrete, patios, stone, brick, carpet (unless very short close pile and dependant on type of dances), grass, black top, paving, dirt or bare ground.
The room should be heated in winter and cooled in summer months.
Lighting should be a sufficient brightness to see clearly into every corner of the dance area.
These requirements are to protect the health and safety of the professionals as well as those who may be taking dance instruction from them, or in any other way using the venue for movement activity.
Minimum area for a performance 30ft x 20ft. Ideal size 50ft x 50ft.
Floor space for a social dance event depends upon the number of participants. A rule of thumb is one square yard per person + 10%, (ie 3 ft x 3ft).
Please call or e:mail to discuss your venue suitability.

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