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Wedding Dance

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Modern Ballroom, Renaissance, Colonial, Regency, Victorian and Ragtime eras are available for all wedding occasions.

 Wedding Dance

Tired of the DJ running the show with gimmicks? Fed up with the Conga and the Limbo? Deafened by the sound volume? Want to do more than the "circular shuffle" that passes for dancing? Looking for beauty and elegance for your wedding dance? Here is a return to sanity and dignity....

Bride and Groom 

For that special "first dance" we  can provide assistance in dance and music selection, followed by instruction in your chosen dance. Choreography can be adjusted to suit all levels of ability.

Wedding Party

To enjoy and share in the fun of the dancing, we can provide private instruction in a variety of essential dance styles for the parents of the Bride and Groom and Wedding party.

Wedding Reception

It is becoming fashionable to provide themed dance instruction for wedding guests to enjoy something completely different. We will attend your wedding reception and provide a "dance class" for you and your guests. We can also provide a dance entertainment for you performing dances specific to each historical period in appropriate fashions.

Wedding Dance Music Selection Tips: Research and choose your music making sure that it can be danced to. A great deal of modern music is not designed for ballroom dance. It is usually too slow, too fast or does not have a regular beat or tempo. Make sure that the music or song you want to dance to is no longer than 3 minutes long. Guests do not keep full attention on the dance if it is too long.

We all have songs with lyrics we think are appropriate and mean something to us, but often they fall into the too long, too short category. Why not consider instrumental versions of the song without the lyrics. You will still know what it means to you.

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