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Sarah Sutton (Soloist) and her father Evan Sutton (Dancer) as WWI Nurse & Soldier

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“1918 : A Salute to Veterans”  : A Celebration of the end of World War One


This year is the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War One.

This program is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event celebrating the Anniversary and will honor and recognise all past and serving Military and Support Personnel.  The program includes narration by local professional actor Paris Peet, popular Social and Folk Dances of the World War I era, from England & the USA, France, Germany, Serbia and Belgium (two of our twelve dancers are Veterans), popular patriotic songs of the time, period & traditional folk fashions and poems from the era to celebrate the peace and end of World War One.

The audience will be invited to sing along with some of the patriotic songs led by Woody Payne and a choir. Words will be provided with the program. A Remembrance Poppy will be presented to everyone as a memento of the evening and symbol of remembrance.

We would like to display images and captions of local past WWI veterans in a Gallery of Honor.

Send in your WWI Veteran Images.

If you have an ancestor who served during World War One, we would love to honor them. Please send a short description with Name, Rank, Unit, and Service location during the war. If you have any photographs, please send us a photocopy for the Gallery. Please do not send originals. At the end of the program, the audience will have an opportunity to meet all the contributing artists.

This is a Free program : to reserve your seats………..

There will be two performances : Friday, Nov 9th @ 7:00pm, & Saturday, Nov 10th, @ 6:30pm 2018, in Friendship Hall, Central Presbyterian Church, 40, Lincoln Way West, Chambersburg. Reserve your seat/s by calling (717) 816 9578 or email DiscoverDanceWorks@outlook.com or for more information.

Funding for this Program.

Major Funding is provided by Discover DanceWorks and is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. 


Discover DanceWorks

Uniting the Community


Dance, Music, Theatre, Art, Culture

"Dance should not be reserved for certain kinds of people.

Everyone is a dancer." Charlotte Faillard


Strategic Mission

Making dance available to our communities by providing opportunities to participate in dance and dance productions for public audiences….


All types of dance are included :

Latin, American Smooth & European ballroom, modern, romantic/classical and modern ballet, folk dances,

historical dances reconstructed from dance manuals of centuries past, traditional, and emerging forms….


Transcending boundaries of race, age, abilities, mobility challenges, gender, social and economic position, making it possible to enjoy and appreciate all dance forms as a universal form of self and group expression….


Presenting to the public a wide variety of dance programs

intended to increase dance participation for fun, recreation & performance opportunities….


Providing professional dance teachers, dancers, choreographers and other art form p

rofessionals who can make a positive contribution to dance and related disciplines….


Commissioning and developing original works and

programs for Discover DanceWorks productions.


To meet our mission we rely on private and corporate donations

and sponsorships, together with State & National Grants.

All contributions are tax deductible


Our Vision

to actively enhance our community through dance & dance related art forms by applying our

Core Values

Dance is for everyone

Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity

Creating Accessibility

Community Focus

If you would like to $upport our  mi$$ion  in the community, see our contact details….


Discover DanceWorks

Providing Dance in the Community

A Registered Charity (2931502) in Pennsylvania & Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization

 Eml :cbtdanceco@gmail.com. Ph: 717 816 9578. PO Box 793, Chambersburg, PA, 17201

Recent and Current Programs

Reading & dancing around the world :  Fairy Tales & Folk Dances

Take a Grand Tour of different countries as we learn about different fairy stories, cultures, foods, and dances from around the world through hands-on activities, food samplings, videos, and, of course, dancing! Books about each country and its fairy tales will be on display for you to borrow. If you do not want to or cannot join in the dances, come anyway and enjoy the presentations.


For Your Safety Heels max ½", NO flip flops or backless.


Itinerary for Countries         March 6 - Ireland  : Land of Leprechauns, Shamrock & Sheep;  April 3 - The Netherlands : Landscape of Dykes, Tulips & Windmills; May 1 - Israel : The Holy Land & Fidler on the Roof; June 5 - England : Where Morris dance meets Bangers & Mash; July 10 - France : Fashion meets Food, & Art; Aug 7 - Sweden : Vikings, Valhalla & Long Boats; Sept 4 - Scotland : Bagpipes, Kilts and Haggis; Oct 2 - Romania : Gypsies, Dracula's Castle & the Danube; Nov 6 -  Russia: Meet the mysterious Cossacks & their dances; Dec 4 -  Germany : Lederhosen, thigh slapping & Black Forest Cake.

Recipes from each country will be available to take away and try as well as samples at the sessions.


This program is also being presented at The Fendrick Library, Mercersburg, PA, 171236

 Real Pirates of the Caribbean will be presented 6pm- 7:30pm, July 25th @ Fendrick Library

for Grade 4 through Teens and young adults. 

The creation of a Nation

Israeli Folk Dances as Sons of Israel celebrate 70 years of statehood, May  13, 2018


These projects are funded by Discover DanceWorks


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