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Historical Programs

History programs of dance, etiquette and clothing from the Renaissance, Colonial, Regency, Victorian and Ragtime eras are available as well as Modern Ballroom dance classes are available to Public School and Home School Students. We will work with you to design a program specifically for your students, curriculum and time constraints. Here we feature activities from Colonial and mid Victorian eras. For Public Schools please see our Artist In Residence page which explains how to obtain funding for Residencies.

A Colonial Lady and Gentleman



Bobbin Lace was made by hand Circa 1550 through to modern day. Nancy is demonstrating using a modern pillow similar to a period circular revolving pillow and she is using authentic English bobbins.


In this over the shoulder view, one can clearly see the bobbins used and the lace being created.

Visit with a Civil War Soldier and his wife in Camp

This program explains the life of two different soldiers and the life of a Civil War wife. The scene is a tent pitched outside, under the trees, next to a Creek. The soldiers portrayed are an  Officer and a volunteer Private. In this highly educational  and participative program students will get to hear what it was like to live through the Civil War and to handle many of the items the soldier and his wife would have handled. Go inside a properly laid out tent, write a letter home in real ink, watch bobbin lace being made by the soldiers wife. They will get to wear some of the clothing of the period, experience drill, play period games and sing period songs.

After visiting outside the students go inside to the Ballroom and learn a couple of dances and the etiquette of the period and can look at an exhibition of period clothing and  bobbin lace.


Jef preparing breakfast at the Gettysburg 140th re-enactment, in front of his Civil War wall tent and fly with camp paraphernalia.

Jef is a member of the 1st Rockbridge Artillery. They are available for re-enactments and demonstrations.

The Ragtine Era (circa 1890 - 1920)


To view a Ragtime Era Dance performance click on the link below.

May I have the Pleasure of this Dance? Part 3

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